Born London, 1966. BA, MFA and PhD from The Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London. Makes sculptural, kinetic and sound objects, drawings, prints, computer programs and applications, photographs and video.

General interests; science, technology, epistemology and antiquity. Specific interests; poiesis, the human voice, instruments, Ars Combinatoria, Paul Feyerabend, the night sky, art practice and art education.

Exhibits internationally. Writes, reviews and shepherds art papers for international conferences and publications. Lectures at University. Splits time between Poland and the UK.

Further Info:

UCL Research Profile
PhD Thesis online at UCL Discovery


Some Activity:

10.23 Illusion of Form, conference presentation, UAP, Poznań.

07.22 Seeing Stars, panel discussion, University of Leeds, Leeds.

04.22 Seeing Stars, The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, University of Leeds, Leeds.

02.22 MASA KRYTYCZNA, Galeria Działań, Warsaw.

02.21 HIPERLINK - a new image of the world and man, National Museum Szczecin, Szczecin.

01.21 SIGGRAPH 2021, virtual, peer review of art papers.

01.19 Thrive, SIGGRAPH 2019, delegate on committee, peer review & shepherding of art papers.

10.16 Digital Art: Archiving and Questioning Immateriality, Computer Arts Congress 5, Université Paris 8.

03.16 Where’s Wally? Or How to Capture a Constellation, Goodenough College, London.

11.15 Against Delivery, EARN Conference, London.

09.13 Another Way of Seeing, European Planetary Science Congress, London.

11.12 PostDigital Art, Computer Arts Congress 3, 104, Université Paris 8.

10.12 Restructured, Bloomsbury Festival, St.George's Church, London.

09.12 Media-Scape Biennale, Zagreb.

03.12 Decode: Recode, MediaCity, University of Salford.

11.11 Planet Elsewhere, Phoenix Arts Centre, Exeter.

10.11 Before the Crash – Art and Science Collide, The Exeter Castle, Exeter.

12.10 Triple Conjunction: Magic, Myths and Mutations, PixxelPoint Festival, Nova Gorica.

06.10 No Explanation, Galeria Arsenal, Poznań.

07.09 URBAN (R)EVOLUTIONS #2: URBAN STILLS, Festival Miden, Kalamata.

08.08 Slow Art, SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles.

04.08 soundOBJECTS, Digital Media festival, Valencia.

03.08 Emerging Forms of Computer Art: Making the Digital Sense, Computer Art Congress 2, Museo de Arte Moderno, Toluca City.

11.07 Hello Hackability, Piksel07 Festival, 3.14 Gallery, Bergen.

12.06 151206, Oko/Ucho Galeria, Poznań.

10.06 Sleep, Galeria Anex, Poznań.

10.05 Fluxus Performances, lead kazoo, Emmett Williams conducting, Galeria OKO/UCHO, Poznań.

10.04 Young Artists at CERN, CERN, Geneva.

09.04 Young Artists at CERN, Institute of Education, London.

05.04 Reading Spaces, Galeria Plastyfikatory, Lubon.

04.04 Untitled, Galeria Naprzeciw, Poznań.

02.02 Critical Curtain, Bloomsbury Theatre, London.