Computer program and terminal. Left to itself for an infinity the script would say everything. Everything that has been said. Everything that will be said. Everything that could be said.

Scrolling up the screen of the monitor is the output from a Perl script. This script works its way through the English alphabet, combining each letter with every other letter in all possible ways. In addition it runs spaces through each combination. This composes all the possible words in that combination, and consequently all it’s possible sentences. The program is open-ended. Working up from single letters it lengthens the sentence one letter at a time

  • 03.08 Emerging Forms of Computer Art: Making the Digital Sense, Computer Art Congress 2, Museo de Arte Moderno, Toluca City.
  • 10.04 Young Artists at CERN, CERN, Geneva.
  • 09.04 Young Artists at CERN, Institute of Education, London.