Computer program and wide-screen monitor. Left to itself for a very long but finite period, the screen would generate every possible image at increasingly better resolution. Photographs from every dream and nightmare, from all pasts and futures – actual, possible and inconceivable.

The whole screen starts as one pixel. The program goes through all possible combinations of RGB for this single pixel. That is to say, every combination of the 256 reds, 256 greens and 256 blues that can make up a pixel. It then splits the screen horizontally and vertically, and combines each pixel with every other pixel on the screen in all possible configurations – and in all of each pixels own possible RGB combinations. The program keeps splitting the screen until it reaches the size of an actual pixel.

  • 09.12: Media-Scape Biennale, Zagreb.
  • 12.10: Triple Conjunction: Magic, Myths and Mutations, PixxelPoint Festival, Nova Gorica.